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Ethical Consignment Services Available.

Cloverfield Machinery Turns Your Idle Assets Into Cash! We’ll get you the most amount of money for your equipment with the least amount of hassle!

If you have underutilized equipment or equipment you'd like to upgrade, contact us to discover the easiest and fairest way to sell your used construction equipment, material handling and forestry equipment. Cloverfield Machinery’s consignment program eliminates many of the costs and risks of selling using other methods.

We handle everything from the marketing of your machines, payments, transportation and financing.

Our team will work with you to value the equipment by analyzing the market and conduct an in-depth pricing study of actual equipment transactions.

We charge a Fair percentage based on the final sales price, we do not use an “over-and-above” fee system for we have found it is incredibly unfair and intentionally deceptive to the seller and buyer. The “over-and-above” listing service is touted by many dealers and brokers in the industry as “free” but it is costing you a lot of money. To understand why that system costs you so much money, you need to understand how it actually works. You negotiate your bottom line price you’ll accept with your broker and then he adds a couple thousand above that to account for his profit and overhead. At first glance this seems reasonable, but what really happens is that broker is incentivized to get you to go as low as possible, for everything over that amount is his to keep. The moment you enter into an over-and-above agreement, you and your broker are in an adversarial relationship. If he calls and says he can move your machine if you are willing to accept “X,” how do you know that he’s not just trying to make an extra $2,500 out of your end? The lower he can get you to go, the higher his profit ends up being, he plays the buyer and seller against each other while increasing his own profit.

If you have equipment you would like to consign with Cloverfield Machinery, we provide you with complete transparency of every transaction. Both the buyer and the seller for any consigned units receive a copy of the other party’s paperwork. We do not play: “hide the money” or shell games. We are your remarketing partner, not your adversary!

Nothing is hidden from either party at any stage of the transaction with Cloverfield Machinery. This industry deserves integrity and we provide it! A handshake still means something to us.

Our consignment program is Fair and Completely Transparent to all parties, we hide nothing. We’re here to help, not be a hassle!

You run your business, Leave the Selling to Us!

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